0.3.0 (Not Released)

  • Most upgrade packages work
    • Newsletter and SocketChat not a thing right now
    • switches attached to main routes to allow for plugin enhancement
  • major breaking schema changes on upgrade and core packages
    • Will need to remove most of the database in order to update an existing project


  • UI Update
  • all query comments updated
  • core and expansion update stream working
  • data science removed as an upgrade and moved into core build
  • templates moved into core build
  • pages now work with templates
  • upgrades and plugins recognition now dynamic


  • Expansions folder now dynamic
    • upgrades and plugins require an info.json file to be registered
    • adminHeader now dynamic
    • other areas require specific variables (dashboard) now checking the typeof() != "undefined" instead of seeing if the variable exists
  • Template Builder being integrated into core build
    • pages are tied to templates
      • changes how routing is handled in current builds
        • will need to register a template and then associate that template to a page
        • will make for easier to write routeing logic for a theme and give more power to the admin area for theme usage
  • Updated all instances of count in queries to estimatedDocumentCount()
  • The blank starter theme will now have login.ejs and register.ejs in their own folder called users
    • The user controllers reflects this by rendering the views found inside of users


  • Finally updated Logger to actually work with JSON
    • Logger system now has a number of files and functions to work with said files
    • info currently just logs users logging in
      • should work with data-science upgrade soon
    • error currently logs all/most errors
    • debug is only used for script and css errors currently
  • Logger now visible through dashboard and with own views
    • Can clear logs through view
      • views need more work
      • need more interaction to make it a thing
  • Dashboard will now work without the contact and project management upgrade packages
  • Gulp tasks updated
    • Nodemon running with the npm run dev script now ignores the json config and log files
  • gulp icons now works with an icon folder
    • to use: make media category icons
    • add: @import "modules/_sprites"; to your theme.css file
    • more will be done with this in the future


·         The production build has been started, and it has room for a lot of improvement.

·         GZip is in the project, but not currently utilized, and more minification should take place.

·         The Yeoman Generator has been set up to at least generate a working build

1.    current documentation will be set on this build, but sub generators will soon be built to create more dynamic options.


·         Production build is not a thing yet

·         A few packages are working, but most don't, just existing as placeholders


·         Stuff sort of works, but it's not asynchronous.